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What To Do When You Have a Dental Injury

A broken tooth due to a fall

Have you fractured or broken a tooth, lost several teeth in an accident? Trauma to teeth can be painful and confusing to navigate at first. You may be wondering who to see after an accident, how soon to seek treatment, and what your heal time will be post-treatment. With proper cosmetic dental care, we can restore smiles to their original beauty and function. 

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What Is Dental Trauma?

Trauma to teeth occurs frequently to both young adults and children. Falls, sports injuries, and car accidents are the most common cause of this age group. Adults also have dental injuries from car accidents, slip and falls, sports injuries, and altercations. Smiles can be restored back to their original beauty and function with proper cosmetic dental care.

After any necessary medical emergency treatment is performed, contact us as soon as possible. Dr. Susan McMahon accredited cosmetic dentist has extensive training in restoring dental injuries and missing teeth. You can call (412) 298-2734 to schedule your appointment.

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We Treat:

  • Fractured Teeth
  • Broken Teeth
  • Avulsed Teeth
  • Dental Trauma
  • Knocked-out Teeth
  • Dental sports accidents
  • Dental car accidents
  • Cracked Teeth
  • Split Teeth
  • Crown Fractures
  • Luxation of Teeth
  • Dental trauma
  • Dental slip and falls
  • And More!

What To Do When Your Teeth Have Been Knocked Out (Avulsed Teeth)

Recommended first aid when a permanent tooth has been avulsed (knocked out).

  1. Find the tooth and try to pick it up by the white part (the enamel).
  2. Wash the tooth off gently with cold water if it is dirty.
  3. If possible, try to replant the tooth into the socket and then bite on something like a folded-up napkin to keep it in place.
  4. If not possible to replant the tooth, then put the tooth into a glass of milk or spit from the patient. Bring the tooth along with the patient to the emergency dentist as soon as possible. The tooth can also be placed inside the patient's lip while being taken to the emergency dentist.
    Do not store in water.
  5. Seek emergency dental care immediately.
  6. It is not advised to replant a primary (baby) tooth.

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