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"Whiten Up Your Day"

You remember bright white teeth? You had them years ago, before coffee, tea, wine, tobacco and medicines like tetracycline found ways to stain and yellow your teeth. Now your most comprehensive solution is through laser whitening technology - Esthetic Dentistry Pittsburgh can make your teeth at least five shades whiter! It's simple and painless and it's FDA approved! With periodic touch-ups in our office or using a disposable product at home, you may keep that bright white smile for up to five years!

Many people acknowledge that a smile is a strong indication of self-confidence. Think about all the daily benefits of a bright, white smile and how that can impact your personal and professional life - A job interview, a wedding, a class reunion, meeting a new client, going on a first date, a dream vacation - Ditch the dull yellow and put your best 'smile' forward with laser whitening technology!!


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