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Professional Tooth Whitening

Make Your Smile Brighter Than Ever Before

Like the old saying goes, the smile is the window to the soul. Although many claim that it is the symmetry of your face which determines attraction, it is really your smile that has the largest impact on your ability to project beauty, inside and out. The problem with many people is that they are not completely satisfied with the appearance of their teeth.

There are many teeth whitening products that are on the market these days boasting about how easy and effortless it is to whiten your teeth at home. Your teeth are such an important part of your body you need to entrust your smile to those that have years of experience in the field of professional tooth whitening.

How Does Professional Teeth Whitening Work?

Professional teeth whitening utilizes peroxide based whitening agents. Your gums and lips are covered and the professional strength whitening gels are applied to your teeth. Sometimes a light is used to enhance the gels. The whitener is able to penetrate the outer layer of teeth known as the enamel and reach deep into the teeth to bleach stains away quickly. Professional teeth whitening before and after shots show the dramatic difference a professional tooth whitening can make. Having your teeth whitened professionally can have much better, deeper results and longer lasting results than using home products.

How Long Does Teeth Whitening Last?

The length that your teeth will stay pearly white is dependent upon how the teeth were whitened. The at home whitening procedures do not bleach the teeth nearly as deeply as the professional tooth whitening procedures do, so it is likely that you must repeat the process within the next few months or even weeks depending on how many tooth staining activities you engage in such as drinking coffee, wine, or smoking. The professional tooth whitening, on the other hand is a bit more long lasting because the saturation of bleaching agent into the teeth is much greater. While you are whitening your teeth and for a few days after, you should avoid food and drinks that may stain your teeth. Anything that would stain a white shirt , like mustard, tomato sauce, coffee, and red wine, should be avoided for a couple of days after whitening.

Results from professional tooth whitening can last for up to 5 years if the teeth are properly maintained. Depending on their habits like smoking or drinking red wine, most patients will need to touch up their whitening occasionally. You can have your whitening touched-up in the office or use a product at home.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

The professional tooth whitening procedures that are performed by a licensed dentist are quite safe. Professional tooth whitening has been popular for many years and the research has proven that the procedures are safe according to the ADA. If, however you choose to use at home procedures to whiten your teeth, you need to ensure that the product used also has the ADA seal of approval.

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

The tooth whitening procedure does not create discomfort for most people. There are some cases where the bleaching agent will cause an irritation to the gums or a slight sensitivity to intense temperature changes, such as eating ice cream, to the teeth. These instances are dependent upon the person and how sensitive their teeth are.

How Much Does Professional Teeth Whitening Cost?

The cost of laser teeth whitening can range from $300 all the way up to $1200 depending on the amount of staining present in your teeth. Professional teeth whitening may be a bit expensive compared to over the counter products but your smile is worth it. If you are in the public eye or have to talk to people on a regular basis, a bright white smile is priceless.

How to Take Care of Whitened Teeth?

Whitened teeth aftercare is not difficult if you are willing to simply change a few things within your lifestyle. The first order of business when taking care of your pearly white smile is to use teeth whitening toothpaste each time you brush. You also need to maintain the integrity of your teeth by reducing the amount you smoke or even quitting altogether. Tar can quickly stain your teeth and all the professional tooth whitening services that you paid will be a waste of money. Other recommendations by teeth whitening dentists is to use a straw when drinking drinks and use smudge-proof lipstick to keep from unnecessarily staining your teeth.

Who to Consult For Professional Tooth Whitening?

Your smile is important and if it looks a little dull you are not putting your true beauty out for all the world to see. We here at Dr Susan Cosmetic Dentistry want to help you get the bright smile you have always dreamed of. Come see us today, so we can help your true beauty shine through.

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