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Minimally Invasive Dentistry: What does this mean?

Latest Technology Reinvents Teeth Diagnose

Dental Implants are used to replace missing teeth. Whether you have lost a single tooth or multiple teeth due to an accident, or periodontal disease or root canal that has gone bad, your teeth can be replaced with dental implants. Bye and large, traditional bridges are not being used to replace teeth these days and implant replacement has become the standard of care.

Detect Dental Decay Early and Restore Minimally

A dental implant is a root shaped cylinder of titanium or tooth colored zirconium that is placed in the jaw where the tooth is missing. The jaw heals around the implant and then permanent teeth are attached to the implant. A dental implant makes it easy to attach crowns, bridges, and facial prosthetics. The teeth are affixed to the implants and look and feel just like regular teeth.

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The materials used in dental implants can range from titanium or the much more attractive ceramic or porcelain variety. The materials are dependent upon the procedure being done for you and the area of the mouth where the implants are needed. Implants can last upwards of 10 years when properly maintained.

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